Characteristic of the climate seasons in Poland – Which season is the most beautiful in Poland?

Referring to Poland not only mentioning many beautiful natural landscapes but also mentioning the wonderful climatic features here. Poland’s climate also has a seasonal change like that of Vietnam. That is why, when Vietnamese students or workers come to Poland, they feel close and easy to adapt. Let’s discover the climate that nature favors the beautiful country of Poland, what is special.

Characteristics of the Polish climate seasons

Poland’s climate belongs to the temperate climate type and has 4 seasons like in Vietnam: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The nature and climate of Poland are great for vacation trips or explorations of international students. Each season in Poland brings its own characteristics and mysteries of nature.

Warm spring

Spring in Poland is from January to March every year. The climate in spring is very warm and pleasant. The temperature at this time is about 20-20 degrees Celsius and there are small rains, gentle spring breeze. The weather in this season is very favorable for trees to grow, lush. This is also the most suitable time for farmers to plant. Or if you want to enjoy nature, this is the time to organize camping trips. You will be able to see the vast spring flower gardens blooming like a wonderful picture of nature.

Spring in Poland is warm

Pleasant summer

Summer is the longest season of the year in Poland (from May to around September). The atmosphere in the summer in Poland is very pleasant. The weather is always in the range of 25-30 degrees, not too hot and uncomfortable. Not only that, in the summer there are sudden rains that make the air even cooler. Summer is considered the peak season for tourism activities. Eco-tourism areas or cool resorts are the ideal choice to relax after a hard time studying and working.

Autumn is cool and very beautiful

Autumn in Poland has falling leaves

Autumn in Poland is cool during the day and chilly at night. Rainfall in this season also decreases markedly. Trees turn to yellow, brown leaves are very beautiful and create very romantic scenes. Poland’s climate in autumn is the right time for you to walk the streets, sit in a park with falling leaves or join a climbing trip with friends.

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