Some tips to help you wholesale shoes smoothly

With the huge profits that the footwear business brings, many people choose to wholesale shoes. Among them, not everyone has had the expected success. Even the number of people who fail is increasing day by day. So, why are there people who succeed in the shoe business and others who fail? This is because successful people have their own tips and secrets. So, what are those tips?

Tips for importing shoes when they come back for sale

Tips for importing goods for business

When you have a need to wholesale shoes, of course, you need to import goods to sell. However, importing goods is not as simple as many people think. And successful business people all have their own little-disclosed tips. Eg:
When sourcing goods to import, it is necessary to depend on the customer who wants to target. Maybe you want to sell imported luxury goods, or just want to sell affordable goods, or sell Vietnamese exports…. Depending on each business orientation, then they will filter out the most suitable importing units.
Find sources of goods in reputable and professional units with many preferential and attractive policies for wholesale customers.
Check prices before importing goods in many different places and then decide to import goods.

The secret to product pricing

How to price the best quality products

The price of the product is one of the factors that can help you attract customers quickly and easily. Except for high-end products or high-quality export goods, customers are less concerned about the price. As for the popular items, the price is not to be missed
If you wholesale affordable shoes, if there is no difference in price, you can hardly compete with your competitors. Therefore, for footwear business units, it is advisable to update the price situation regularly to know the price changes of the market. From there, you can easily get promotional tactics to attract customers.
In addition to the price, for wholesale buyers, they are very interested in sales policies. Therefore, please pay attention to their policies to be most attractive. You can provide a shipping support policy for customers. Or you can discount % according to the quantity of goods taken.

The most effective sales and management tips

For those who trade goods in stores, how to manage shoes in the most effective way is not easy. Because, with the wholesale of shoes, there are many models of shoes with different designs and sizes.
If your store layout is not scientific when customers come to have to look everywhere to find the sizes they need. Thus, it will certainly make the customer unhappy.

Need to know how to manage sales most effectively

Instead, arrange your shoes in the most scientific and effective way. You can categorize each type of footwear in a separate section. In case of using management software, please manage products according to barcodes to remember prices and pay customers quickly.
In case you sell online, you must know marketing and advertising tips to quickly attract more customers. When selling online, you should take advantage of all the different advertising channels to achieve the best effect. The free sales channels like facebook, zalo, it is best to deploy as strongly as possible.
With a few tips to help you wholesale shoes smoothly, hope to bring you the most necessary and useful information. For a favorable footwear business, you must not ignore the above information. If you need to find a source of goods to import, you can immediately contact us for the best advice and support.

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